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Literature databases today provide many useful and powerful search functions that can save time and provide more thorough and targeted results. In addition to the self-guided help links listed here, the NOAA Seattle Library staff provides workshops and individual assistance. Contact the Library for more information.

General Resources

Introduction to the Library's Services (pdf)
This 8 page handout summarizes the resources that are available from the library, and provides similar information found elsewhere on the website, in a downloadable and printable pdf format. The library's flyer (pdf) is a three-fold pamphlet that provides the same information in a more compact format. The library floor plan (pdf) may also assist in finding items in the library.

Information cycle (pdf)
This handout describes how to use the literature search and management tools available to NOAA users in the context of the search process.

Current awareness sign-up form (pdf)
If you would like to receive email alerts on database keyword searches or journal tables of contents, just print this form, fill it out, and fax/mail to the library.

Search help (pdf)
This table summarizes the syntax that is used in the major databases. Refer to respective online help for more specifics of each database.

NOAA Libraries in Seattle (pdf)
This letter sized poster provides contact information for the three NOAA Libraries in Seattle and other quick reference information in a printable format that is handy for posting on office and conference room walls.

UW Libraries access
NOAA employees who are also UW faculty, staff or students, can access databases and journals from off campus. Here are instructions. Read the summary of library privileges if you are unsure of your level of access to the UW Libraries.

Literature Database support and training pages

ProQuest (formerly Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA))

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ProQuest)

Meteorological and Geophysical Abstracts (ProQuest)

Web of Science (Science Citation Index) 1965 -

  • Covers more than 5,700 major journals across 164 scientific disciplines.
  • Quick Reference Card - Eight-page PDF that describes how to do a cited reference search; use Refine to mine a set of up to 100,000 results to find the top 100 Subject Categories, Source Titles, Document Types, Authors, Publication Years, Conference Titles, Countries, Institutions, and Languages; create a personal profile and/or alerts; and export to EndNote or EndNote Web.
  • Training - Describes all the live and recorded training opportunities available for WoS.
  • Guides - Quick Reference Cards and other downloadable/printable materials.
  • News - providing updates on scientific and Clarivate product news.
  • Journal List



  • Help topics - Including accessibility, PDF help, FAQ's, searching JSTOR, MyJSTOR and citation management.
  • Citation management - Instructions on how to manage your citations and your MyJSTOR account.

Lexis Nexis (librarian-provided username and password required)

Journal Citation Reports (Science Edition) 2006 -

  • Aggregates and tabulates citation and article counts as indicators of how frequently current researchers are using individual journals.
  • Using Journal Citation Reports Wisely - Briefly describes benefits and pitfalls of JCR data.
  • Help and How to - Table of contents to help topics.
  • Training - Describes all the live, recorded and downloadable training opportunities available for JCR.
  • Quick Reference Card

Citation Managers

NOAA has a site-wide license for the bibliographic management applications Endnote and Reference Manager. These tools help you keep track of and create citations to the sources you use. EndNote Web is a web-base citation manager that can be accessed from any NOAA-authenticated computer.

Most literature databases have easy-to-use citation exporting functions which can save researchers time and effort. The databases vary but all provide help pages to assist with this function. Start by looking for an export link on a search results page.

EndNote Basic
EndNote Basic is a web-based citation management tool available to NOAA employees.

EndNote is a client-based citation management application available to NOAA employees.

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