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Academic/Research Institution


CISL Research Data Archive (NCAR)
The Research Data Archive (RDA) contains a large and diverse collection of meteorological and oceanographic observations, operational and reanalysis model outputs, and remote sensing datasets to support atmospheric and geosciences research, along with ancillary datasets, such as topography/bathymetry, vegetation, and land use. Dataset list.

General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans
Includes gridded bathymetric data sets, the GEBCO Digital Atlas, the GEBCO world map and the GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names.

Geochemistry of Rocks of the Oceans and Continents
Includes analyses from convergent margin, ocean island, seamount, oceanic plateau, submarine ridge, ocean-basin flood basalt, continental flood basalt, archean craton, intraplate volcanics, rift volcanics and complex volcanic settings.

Global Ocean Observing System
The GOOS is a collection of ocean observing and information delivery systems providing near real time measurements of the state of the oceans.

Ocean Floor Databases (Columbia University)

Petrological Database of the Ocean Floor
PetDB is a scientific information system that maintains a geochemical data collection of ocean floor igneous and metamorphic rocks. PetDB contains analytical data (major oxides, trace elements, stable and radiogenic isotope ratios, analytical ages) for whole rocks, volcanic glasses, minerals, and melt inclusions for samples from mid-ocean ridges, fracture zones, back-arc basins, young near-ridge seamounts, and old oceanic crust. The majority of the data are for mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORB) and abyssal peridotites.

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) data sets
The UCAR promotes partnership in a collaborative community dedicated to understanding the atmosphere—the air around us—and the interconnected processes that make up the Earth system, from the ocean floor to the Sun's core. UCAR manages NCAR.

Virtual Ocean

Western Region Weather Observational Data (University of Washington)
Includes local and regional surface observations and weather maps, northwest marine data, northwest hydrological conditions, upper air observations, radiosonde soundings, national observational data, regional satellite and radar imagery, Washington state climate data, northwest precipitation maps, and 30-year station normals.



Federal Government

NASA | NOAA (Western Region only) | USGS| U.S. NAVY



National Physical Oceanography Data Center (NASA)
Includes data sets for topography and gravity, sea surface temperature, ocean winds, circulation and currents, and special topics.

Oceanography Data Resources
Data sets: ocean surface topography, ocean color, and ocean surface winds.

Physical Oceanography data
Core holdings include ocean surface topography, ocean winds, and sea surface temperatures. Other holdings include data on ocean wave height, ionospheric electron content, atmospheric moisture, and heat flux, as well as in situ data related to the satellite data.



Center for Tsunami Research
Includes bottom pressure data, bathymetric and topographic datasets, event and earthquake data, and data from some NCTR publications.

Comprehensive Large Array data stewardship system
The Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS) is an electronic library of NOAA environmental data. Includes satellite (polar-orbiting, geostationary and DMSP), sea surface temperature, RADARSAT, Altimetry/Sea Surface Height data and other miscellaneous products.

EcoWatch (NOAA)
A comprehensive storm information center with information about severe weather preparation and monitoring across the Gulf of Mexico coastal region.

El Niño Data
Includes real-time gridded data products and analyses, observed in situ data, and satellite data. More El Niño data (buoy, shipboard, etc.).

Environmental Research Division Data Access Program (NOAA)
This web site (ERDDAP) aggregates scientific data from diverse local and remote sources and offers a simple, consistent way to download subsets of the data in common file formats and make graphs and maps. This particular ERDDAP installation has oceanographic data (for example, data from satellites and buoys).

Gridded Climate data sets

Marine Geology and Geophysics
Includes data sets on gravity, magnetics, sediment thickness, seismic reflection, trackline geophysics, crustal ages, ocean drilling data, well logs, and various bathymetric (ocean depths) data.

National Climatic Data Center
The World's largest active archive of weather date.

National Coastal Data Development Center
Includes data on bathymetry and global relief, earth observations from space, geomagnetic data and models, marine geology and geophysics, natural hazards, and space weather and solar events.

National Geophysical Data Center
Data holdings currently contain more than 400 digital and analog databases describing the solid earth, marine, and solar-terrestrial environment, as well as earth observations from space. Available data types.

National Marine Fisheries Service
Fisheries Statistics Division

National Centers for Environmental Information

National Ocean Service: Data Explorer

National Weather Service Information Center
Includes observations, forecasts, models, climate and weather safety, statistics, GIS formats, and more. See also: NWS Telecommunication Gateway, which contains information on meteorological data exchange, communication standards, switching practices, and meteorological data codes.

National Weather Service: Observations

National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NOAA)
National Centers for Environmental Information | Satellite data

Integrated Ocean Observing System
The IOOS portal provides users with access to NDBC's OPeNDAP/DODS web page, CO-OPS' OPeNDAP for observational water level, meteorological and ancillary data as well as the model data through OPeNDAP NetCDF data servers.

Ocean Exploration and Research

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

World's largest archive of climate and paleoclimate data.

Portal for Oceanographic Services for IOOS Data and Information (POSIDIN)

Sea level trends

Solar-Terrestrial Physics (space and upper atmosphere environments)
Data from Earth's upper atmosphere and space environment to the surface of the sun, and earth observations from space.

World Data Center for Meteorology, Asheville
Various data sets and data products from international programs and/or experiments, including meteorological and nuclear radiation data for International Geophysical Year (IGY)(see IGY Annuals, Vol.26); meteorological data and data products from Global Atmospheric Research Program, World Climate Research Program, World Climate Data and Monitoring Program; and data (including data publications) exchanged with the WDC by participating countries. Available data.

World Data Centers


NOAA Western Region

National Marine Fisheries Service
Alaska | California | Pacific Islands | West Coast Region

NOAA Fisheries Science Centers Western Region data portals
Alaska | Northwest: Scientific Data Management Team, West Coast Habitat Server, Ocean Index Tool | Pacific Islands: Coral Reef Ecosystem Division, EOD TurtleWatch, Western Pacific Fisheries Information Network | Southwest

National Ocean Service
OR&R | Office of Coast Survey | Marine Sanctuaries | OceanWatch, Central Pacific

National Weather Service
Alaska | California | Idaho | Northwest Weather and Avalanche | Oregon | Pacific | Washington

National Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS)
Provides climatic, geophysical and oceanographic data.

National Coastal Data Development Center: EcoWatch

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
PMEL |EcoFOCI (Alaskan waters) |Ferret



Coastal and Marine Geology InfoBank

Geology data sets
Covers hazards, natural resources, landscapes and coasts, astrogeology, and rock core data.
Provides federal, state and local GIS data sets for agriculture, atmosphere, biology, environment, oceans, historical collections and other parameters.

National Water Information System
Includes annual and real-time data for surface and groundwater, water quality and use, and streamflow conditions.



Naval Oceanography Portal



Africa | Americas | Asia | Australia | Europe | International



Ocean Data and Information Network for Africa.

SADCO - South African Data Centre for Oceanography
Hydrographic station and surface data from the southern African coastline, as well as the wider Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans.


Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Oceanographic Databases (Canada)
Databases available: hydrographic, sea-surface temperature, ocean data inventory, coastal time series and ocean colour database.


Japan Oceanographic Data Center
Temperature, salinity, ocean current, tidal and moored current data.


Australian Directorate of Oceanography & Meteorology
The national data centre for the acquisition, archival and management of physical oceanographic data in Australia.


British Oceanographic Data Centre
Links to the UK Marine Environmental Data Network and Oceanographic and Marine Data and Information in Europe.

French National Oceanographic Data Centre (IFREMER)
Catalogues, information and data request forms, and hyperlinks to other data sources.

German Oceanographic Data Center
Marine Environmental Database, North Sea and Baltic Sea by 1 rectangles Atlantic Ocean by 10 rectangles, stations of the Baltic Monitoring Programme, cruise inventories and North Sea oil spill information.

Marine Information Service (MARIS), Netherlands
North sea research projects (oceanography, biology, hydrography, geology, chemistry, meteorology) Offshore oil and gas activities, sand and gravel extraction, and a European directory of marine Environmental Data.


Ocean observing system measuring temperature and salinity since 2000.

FAO Climate change data and tools
FAO provides a wide range of data and tools for assessments of climate change impacts and vulnerabilities, and adaptation and mitigation planning related to agriculture and overall food security.

International Organizations which provide fisheries statistics

World Data Center for Meteorology, Asheville (NOAA)
Various data sets and data products from international programs and/or experiments, including meteorological and nuclear radiation data for International Geophysical Year (IGY)(see IGY Annuals, Vol.26); meteorological data and data products from Global Atmospheric Research Program, World Climate Research Program, World Climate Data and Monitoring Program; and data (including data publications) exchanged with the WDC by participating countries. Available data.

World Data Centers


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