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Circulation of library materials is limited to NOAA employees. A self-checkout station is available in the library. Books are available on an as-needed loan basis. We request that you return items as soon as you are finished with them. Circulating items are subject to recall at any time. If you receive a recall notice, please return the book to the library promptly.

We will start your borrower's account the first time you want to check something out of our library (NOAA Seattle Regional), or the first time you come in. Only books checked from our library will show on your account. Though of the NMML and NWFSC Libraries' items are in the catalog, their checkout system is not online and they circulate materials independently.

Journals may not be checked out.

Collection Development

The Collection Development Policy is a guide for NOAA Seattle Library staff in developing a valuable collection to serve the needs of the library community. In addition, the policy serves as a resource to inform NOAA staff, researchers, and members of the public on the nature and extent of the library collection.


Collection evaluation is primarily accomplished through informal interaction with patrons as well as by soliciting user feedback through questionnaires, surveys, or interviews as needed. Responses are compiled and evaluated to determine areas needing more attention and development. In addition, periodic comments from the user community may also provide insight into the current effectiveness of the collection and identify areas that may need improvement. These suggestions are compiled and revisited when library staff perform maintenance procedures.


Additions to the Seattle library collection are primarily identified from requests by NOAA staff and other library users. In order for an item to be considered for addition, it must pertain to the activities or jurisdictions of NOAA and be relevant to accomplish work tasks. Suggestions for additions to the collection can be made directly to librarians. Recommendations will be evaluated based on the scope and content of the item, whether it duplicates existing material within NOAA, the audience at which the item is directed, as well as issues of cost, format, and demand. The ability of the Seattle Library to add recommendations to its collection may be limited by budgetary, staffing, and time constraints. To recommend an item for the collection, contact the librarian.
Donations and Gifts to the Library

Additions to the library may also be made by donations or gifts to the library. The same criteria mentioned above for adding an item will be used to evaluate whether donations and gifts will be added to the library. In addition, donated items may be evaluated for physical condition, currency of information, age, and use. Items deemed unsuitable for the collection are generally offered to other domestic and international libraries before discarding. Note that the library cannot accept donations that are accompanied with conditions for use or ownership. Donations become the property of the library and are to be used at the discretion of library staff.

Read the complete collection development policy (pdf).


Copyright & Intellectual Property, Privacy Notice & Disclaimer


A copy machine is available to users in the main entry of the Library. The WRC Copy service is available through the Library providing 24-hour turn around on most types of copy requests.


NOAA Privacy Policy

Separation from NOAA

Employees separating from NOAA must return all materials to the library and have form CD-126, Separation Clearance Certificate, signed by a library staff member during the last week of employment with NOAA.


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